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The blogs on this list provide interesting and fun articles about travelling in New Zealand, where to stay, what to experience, and cycling routes.

Divergent Travellers –

This blog was started by a couple whose hearts were stolen by New Zealand. They focus on the diversity of the country that brought them to their knees and ignited a lifelong love affair with the country.

They spent 5 weeks in New Zealand exploring the North and South Islands and return frequently. They have over 35 posts on their blog with details on travelling in the Country.

The Travel Natural –

The blogger of Travel Natural grew up in Taranaki which is on the West Coast of the North Island. The town boasts impressive mountains and stretches of black sand beaches. The blogger revisits Taranaki often as it’s the perfect place to travel and relax.

She believes although the town may be a bit out of reach for most tourists, it’s important for them to travel to the destination and explore what it has to offer. The blog has 22 posts about travelling in New Zealand.

Getting Stamped –

Getting Stamped is a blog that simply describes New Zealand as Epic. The blogger spent 2 weeks driving with a camper around the South Island of New Zealand. The Blog is full of travel photographs of exploring the South Islands of the country.

As they believe New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world, they have over 26 posts on the blog about travelling to New Zealand.

Phenomenal Globe –

This Blog contains photos of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand including photos of volcanos, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, forests, and the sea. The blogger does not only write about the beautiful scenic views but also about the wonderful people.

She has a focus on all the small towns situated throughout the country, the birds, and travelling around in a camper van.

New Zealand is seen as the most beautiful country in the world by all these bloggers. Visiting Otago provides amazing views, scenic walks, and cycle routes, and much more. By following these blogs, you can learn more about where to stay and what to enjoy when visiting Otago and other regions in New Zealand.