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Bike Trails in Otago

Otago is a popular destination for cyclists from around the world. With the beautiful scenic views, you can see lakes, rivers, gorges, snow-caped mountains, farmland, and vineyards scattered around the trails.

The popularity of cycling routes in Otago is due to the rich history of gold mining in the town which provides several old railway trails to use as cycling paths.

On this list, there are both long-distance and short-distance routes.

Roxburgh Gorge Trail – 34km

The Roxburgh Gorge Trail is completely isolated from the rest of the region and far away from the cities. The trail provides the rocky Roxburgh Gorge for most of the path and will take you through a deserted landscape.

Daisy bank to Hyde – 15km

This trail forms part of the Otago Rail Trail and starts at the Daisybank car park and ends in the township of Hyde. The trail passes through the Taieri Gorge offering beautiful views of the Kakanui Mountains and the Ida Range. Some of the interesting things to see include the Cap Burn stone bridge and the Price’s Creek tunnel and Viaduct.

Clutha Gold Trail – 75km

The Clutha Gold Trail starts at the Lake Roxburgh Dam and leads through lakes, rugged landscapes and farmlands and finishes in the small town of Lawrence. Gold was discovered in the town of Lawrence by Gabriel Read who initiated the Central Otago Gold Rush. There are many sites to see on-route.

Otago Central Rail Trail – 152km

The Otago Central Rail Trail is one of the most popular trails for cyclists in Otago. It follows the railway from Clyde station to the Middlemarch township. On route, you will find mountains and rocky landscapes for a great adventure.

It stands as one of the largest bike trails in Otago totalling 152kms. The trail moves through various historic towns giving the chance to see more than just beautiful mountains, lakes, and gorges. This trail will take up to 4 days to complete.

Dunston Lakeside – 19km

This trail goes along the shore of Lake Dunstan and runs from Old Cromwell town to Lowburn. This is a popular trail in the summer due to the tall trees throughout the trail providing shade for cyclists. The lakeside, mountains, and vineyards contribute to scenic views along the trail.