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At Kingston Holiday Park Magazine, we are dedicated to providing important and knowledgeable information to tourists and local visitors to Otago. We strive in providing information that can help tourists and visitors find the best places to stay and know exactly what to see and experience.

As a magazine, we are always looking for more writers to join our team and write about interesting topics regarding the Otago region.

To write for Kingston Holiday Park Magazine the writer would need to have excellent skills with the English language with a focus on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Having a range of knowledge about the region of Otago and surrounding areas would be seen as an advantage.

For us to consider your application, we would need to see exemplary work about travelling, holiday stays, motels, hotels, cycling routes and things to do in Otago.

Otago is one of the most beautiful regions in New Zealand and attracts many local visitors and tourists. Articles will need to be centred on people visiting the region and to provide them with vital information on where to stay and what to experience.

With all the beautiful scenery, hotels, and tourist routes, topics to cover are endless and will need to be thought out well with a focus on attracting visitors to the region.

To learn more about how to apply to become a writer for Kingston Holiday Park Magazine, visit our contact page and get in contact with us for further information.